■About “Tatsujins

Tatsujin, which in Japanese roughly means “an expert, a pro at something”, refers to foreign people living in the local community, who engage in activities (e.g., cultural exchange events or lectures, sharing information via videos, etc.) by making use of their hobbies or special skills.

Furthermore, it also includes Japanese who could tell foreigners the necessary life culture (customs, traditions, etc.) for living in Japan, or Japanese who could tell other Japanese about the life culture (customs, traditions, etc.) overseas.

■About the platform

Registration and introduction of tatsujins is done through the “i-house” website, which is operated by the Osaka International House Foundation.

■After registering as a tatsujin

We can upload your profile, as well as an introduction of your events or lectures on the tatsujin platform.

This can help in advertising the events and courses you organize or participate in, leading to more participants.

We also receive requests for events, courses, etc. from other organizations through the “tatsujin platform,” which can help expand the scope of your activities.


・Be a foreign resident in Osaka or other parts of the Kansai region;

・Be able to communicate in Japanese;
People who can organize programs/events making use of their hobbies or special skills to introduce their own culture;

・People who can share information about life in Japan and other topics via video.[I12] 

(In the case of Japanese)

・Must be a resident in Osaka or other parts of Kansai

・Somebody who could tell foreigners about the necessary life culture (customs, traditions, etc.) to live in Japan
  or somebody who can tell Japanese people about the life culture (customs, traditions, etc.) overseas

(※This is not an introduction of Japanese culture <Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy, etc.>)

■Creating a venue where foreign residents can take the initiative

In 2014, the Osaka International House Foundation launched the “Foreign residents-community collaboration program”, with the goal of solving various issues through the collaboration of foreign and local communities, and the government.

In this context, we have created a web platform where information about foreigners with talents, who are called tatsujins, are posted and serve as a means of connecting them to various organizations that would like to request their activities.

It is the goal of this platform to provide a venue for foreign residents where they can make ample use of their talents, and play a role as leaders of interculturality.

■About this site

This Web site provides intercultural events and information in Osaka by Osaka International House Foundation .

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