About this site

This Web site provides intercultural events and information in Osaka by Osaka International House Foundation . ‘Intercultural Committee’ founded by foreign residents in Osaka and Osaka Internationa House Foundation work together in cooperation.

What is Intercultural Committee ?

It is a committee led by foreign residents, which was organized to solve the problems of foreign residents living in Osaka as they try to utilize their resources and abilities to the fullest.

Activities that the committee will implement will be decided through multiple deliberations while collaborating with Osaka International House Foundation. Once the activities have been decided, the committee members will implement it as a project while looking for members who will collaborate.

Holding of Committee Meetings: Once every 2-3 months (4-5 times a year)

Venue : International House, Osaka

〒543-0001 大阪市天王寺区上本町8-2-6
Tel: 06-6773-8989 Fax: 06-6773-8421

Osaka International House Foundation
8-2-6 Uehonmachi Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi
Tel: 06-6773-8989 Fax: 06-6773-8421
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